Adventure Time poster, for the win!


New stuff! (To tumblr, that is) :)

So I haven’t gotten this approved for my next drawing project for drawing myself in the style of another artist……. but if it doesn’t fly with my teacher, I’ll still do something with it anyway.

It’s a rough sketch, but it’s in the style (or close to the style) of Bryan Konietsko. 

Blog Neglecting.

Well… I should probably update my tumblr more often because I feel like it’s a tamagotchi pet and will die on me at any given second. lol

And with that, I’ll try my best to keep it updated.

OH YEAH! More art soon to come. :D  

Just some self-portraits I’ve been working on with my tablet. 

Just a little something for a VC Repurposing Narrative project. :)

Bam! Atypical still-life, yo! 


Well… I’m finally jumping on the bandwagon of tumblr and I thought I’d just start off my first post by saying hi.

Lame: I know, but why not?